Here at Insul Hub Ltd, we've been involved in many ICF builds over the years, from bungalows in Sheffield to commercial builds in Manchester down to deluxe, grand-design-style homes in the South Downs National Park.

It’s our build teams who ensure we continue to improve and offer efficiencies throughout the project life-cycle. Without walking the walk, we couldn’t talk the talk. It’s from this base that we prefer to speak from as we’re readily informed and can assist you with any questions or queries, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Our offering when we choose to build is to construct a watertight outer build shell only.

This comprises of the following elements:

  1. Foundations
  2. Walls / Superstructure
  3. Steels
  4. Roof

Effectively, we aim to provide you with the structural shell of your build that’s watertight and hand this over to the next available team. We prefer to work alongside other experienced contractors in demolition, groundworks or internal trades doing first / second fix as these areas are not our speciality. We do however know of many companies in each of these areas and can usually make recommendations to aid you should there be a requirement.

Our build portfolio is rich and diverse, featuring those who shared their build dream with us, defined their goals and submitted project to an agreed outcome. We have many clients who actively refer our services and can give point-blank advocacy of our skills ‘in the field’.

If you have a build dream that you’re about to embark upon, get in touch and following a few qualification questions, are happy to look over the build and give a quick assessment if this is something we can engage with.

Interested? Get in Touch:

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